Monday, January 14, 2013

Van Comin Family Update

I'm not very good at this as you can tell by our participation up to this point.  Wendy put together the collage of the grandkids. We enjoy all of them and don't see any of them near enough.  I'll give you a quick rundown of where they all are and what they are doing.

Jeremy and Cerissa are in Billings, MT.  Jeremy is an anesthesiologist there and really enjoys his work.  The kids are growing.  Jenna just turned 14 and is excited to be able to go to dances now.  Shane and Kierstin are growing but we don't see any of them often enough.

Melanie and Cameron live in Riverton, UT (the closest to us) and we see them quite often. Cameron works at the Kennecott copper mine for Caterpillar and has just had a job change where he no longer has to work shift work.   We actually get to see Alea and Ella grow up.

Sarah and Mike live in Arvada, Colorado where Mike is an attorney.   They have 3 active kids.  Timmy is a swimmer and is just beginning to learn to ski.  Petey is following in his brothers footsteps, but is a quieter version of Timmy and Charlotte I think is just getting ready to catch up with them.

Marshal and Melissa live in Mountain Home, ID where Marshall is still in the Air Force.  They came for Thanksgiving and brought with them a 30 lb. turkey they had raised.  Camberley, Jacob and Zach are becoming quite the farmers.  Again, plenty of energy there.

Casey and Tyler live in Cedar City, UT where Tyler works as a deputy prosecutor in the Iron County prosecutor's office.  He has some stories.  Casey has her hands full with 3 year old Kohen and newborn Lyza Lyn.  

Kyle and Danie are currently in Tampa, FL, but will only be there for a few months before heading to Flagstaff, AZ.  Kyle is in the final stages of clinical rotations on his way to becoming a nurse anesthetist.  He will finish up this summer and be ready for employment.  Brighton, Porter and Graham are all growing quickly.  Danie is busy with home schooling with the moving around.

Annie and Joseph are in Lovell, WY where Joe is branch manager at Big Horn Credit Union.  Landon is enjoying his first year at school and Pyper is keeping Annie running. We miss having them close by.

Valerie and Aaron are currently in Richmond, VA where they will be until next December when Aaron will graduate from his courses as a nurse anesthetist.  Alexandria is in her first year of school and Henry is in preschool.  We have been fortunate to have Val and the kids stay with us the last couple of summers since Aaron has been going to school year round.

Keri and Dan are in Hyrum, UT where Dan is closing in on a degree in psychology.   Olivia is in 1st grade and Violet and Evelyn keep Keri busy at home.  They are preparing for the addition of a boy to the family in January.

Will is a senior at Lone Peak High School, working at a call center after school, and has enjoyed participating in debate this year.  He has much more energy than either Wendy or I do.

We hope this Christmas season finds you all well and happy. We love being here in Utah and hope to see many of you this summer at reunion. 

Van, Wendy and Will

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update on Elder Sommer

Here are a slew of letters from Elder Sommer!  I have been slacking and apologize that I haven't put them up earlier!!


Monday, November 5, 2012